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Reach your financing goal and get funded


Raise the cash you need to grow your business in exchange for equity. Through InvestDen you are tapping into a wide UK investor network and getting exposure for your business.

No Up-front fees

Connect with investors across the UK to get your idea financed. Our unique model gives you access to a greater number of investors and allows you to aggregate the capital you need in order to reach your goal. We charge no up-front fees! Our compensation is strictly success based.

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Closing Time

Once you reach your financing goal, we will help you with all the complicated legal stuff. Along with our execution team, and legal support, we help you complete the relevant paperwork and close the deal.

You're the boss

Once you raise the capital, the business is yours to run. We don't get involved in how you run your business. We think that entrepreneurs are best left with the freedom to run their business without interference. We trust that you will treat your shareholders fairly and sometimes we may even choose to become a shareholder ourselves!

EIS & SEIS tax relief

Sometimes investment opportunities may be eligible for very generous tax reliefs. Investors may be able to get up to 50% tax relief on eligible businesses, which would greatly reduce the financial risk and help a pitch reach its funding goal. Find out more about the EIS and SEIS tax relief here to help understand how the tax relief works and how to apply to HMRC


Investments in any of the opportunities available on InvestDen carry risks. These risk include the potential loss of part or all of your investment, illiquidity, dilution, and lack of dividends. Investments of this type should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. InvestDen is suitable exclusively for investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make independent investment decisions. You will only be permitted to invest through InvestDen once you become registered as sufficiently sophisticated.

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