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InvestDen is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform, which enables you to raise money or invest in great opportunities

Our mission is to connect businesses to capital while demystifying the financing process by making it simple, transparent and more affordable.

We achieve this dual mission by offering a unique platform where investors and entrepreneurs can meet.

the problem

We know how difficult it can be to secure an equity investment even for the best ideas. Bank loans can come with completely unsustainable rates stifling business growth and some of the most creditworthy ventures have challenges getting funding in the current economic climate.

the solution

InvestDen is a thriving online business community where ideas blossom into successful businesses.

Most of the InvestDen team has been on the business side - some have had their own businesses, some have worked in banks - we understand the market and recognise a need for things to change

Our community lets entrepreneurs take control of their funding needs and complimentarily allows investors, of any size, to access new business opportunities.

The evolution of the financing sector is taking place NOW and InvestDen is the entreprenerial force leading the revolution towards sustainable growth.

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